Cupcakes in Columbia

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So my last post was this delicious cupcake recipe that literally had me drooling, and after posting it  I was sitting here thinking to myself, “Good stuff, Katie(pat on the back), anyone who tries that recipe is really going to be glad they read your blog.” Because come on…who doesn’t love a great cupcake recipe, right? I’ll tell you who… people who don’t bake. (Round of applause from my cooking challenged friends).

So here you go! If you live in Columbia, SC and are handicapped in the kitchen or are ever just passing through the area and get a hankering for a cupcake here are a few great places to try right in my backyard:

First off let me say I have tried all four of these places and they are amazing. So whatever side of town you are on you are in good hands and will not be disappointed. Now, for a little review of my own personal experience at each:

Cupcake is probably the one I visit most. This is for several reasons. One it’s seriously like three stores down from a Starbucks and the only thing I like better than my soy chi is my soy chi and a cupcake. I don’t think I have ever had a bad cupcake here. They have a gazillon flavors that they rotate on a day to day basis which is nice cause I’m all about branching out and trying new things but if you develop a favorite that you are really just craving one Friday night the chances of them actually having it might be slim. The only thing I have ever heard negative about this place is the amount of frosting they put on their cupcakes. So I admit it’s A LOT, but I love frosting, like I will eat a whole bowl of what is left after baking….sshhhh! And I just find it hard to see this as a negative because come on people how hard is it to take some that yummy goodness off if you aren’t a sugar feign like me? Ps. they have french toast cupcakes too kind of like the recipe I posted yesterday. Unfortunately, it does not include bacon.

Chocolate Nirvana is AMAZING!!! I have tried their cupcakes a couple times and they are super unique because they specialize in cheesecake. Yes, you heard me right, cheesecake cupcakes! Yeah, so basically that’s all I’ve tried their because a cheesecake cupcake is to die for and I don’t know any other bakeries in Columbia that carry them so why would I get a regular cupcake when I can have the melt in your mouth cheesecake cupcake.

Cupcake Paradise Ok, so this one I have only tried once and it was at a birthday party. This is only because of location, it’s just not convenient for me to go by there but I would defiantly order from them. They have 40 different flavors and the few that I tried at my friends party were delicious. I know people who drive 3 hours to get cakes and cupcakes from them so yeah they are worth a mention.

SWEET probably has the most adorable little shop I have ever seen. I’m not exaggerating. They also rotate their flavors but their website has a very easy to read calendar so just swing by there first and see what’s on the menu that day. I’ve never had a cupcake here that I didn’t like. Their flavor menu is not quite as vast as say Cupcake‘s but they still have all your basics with a few twists.  My favorite is the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go: Vanilla coffee cake, caramel filling, whip cream topping, caramel drizzle.

Well, now  I am thoroughly craving a cupcake…so I guess it’s time to start searching for a new delicious recipe. I’ll let you know what I find!!! Enjoy your cupcaking!!!