Hello Everyone!!!

katie hall My name is Kathryn Hall a/k/a Cloves + Ginger. On a daily basis my mind is running a million miles a minute. And during its daily marathon a series of questions, which usually lead to some interesting conversations, ideas and experiences take place. These usually consist of travel adventures, yummy food, diy projects, yummy food, cooking attempts that hopefully = yummy food, pinterest,  and you guessed it more yummy food. I blog to share the things that seem important or if nothing else intriguing. So come along on a few of my journeys and enjoy. Who knows maybe you will find something that interests you too!!!

Traveler. Blogger. Food Enthusiast.Amateur Photographer.

A few fun facts about me:
– I would list going to Target as one of my hobbies.
– I will try about anything
– I laugh when people trip.
– I desperately want to be a runner but I suck at running.
– I watch a lot of Netflix…like A LOT. I’m not ashamed to admit it.
– I have failures in the kitchen, yes I’m human.
– I hate tomatos but I love anything made of tomatos…ketchup, spaghetti sauce…ect.
– I love carbs in any form.
– I’m addicted to Pinterest.
– I’d love to meet Bill Murray and Meryl Streep


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