Ways to Give Back on Thanksgiving

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

It’s THANKSGIVING WEEK and for most of us this is a time filled with JOY and HAPPINESS. A time to share special moments with those we love, making new MEMORIES with your family and friends, and of course let’s not forget all the great food. For me THANKSGIVING is a time of real reflection, to really think about all that I’ve been blessed with and the many reasons I have to be GRATEFUL. It never fails to escape my mind, how truly blessed I am and how no matter what I’m going through or how bad things may seem at times there is always someone out there who has it worse off than I do.

This year might be tough for many of us, with the failing stock market and real estate at a crawl…. Still there is always someone out there who has it worse off than us. This thought always leads me to think of all the ways I can Give Back and share with others the many kindnesses I’ve been so blessed with. Below are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving Give Backs!!! I hope you find something that inspires you too.

  1. Hold a Food Drive: When we think Thanksgiving we think food. Why not host a food drive in your area and help feed those who might not have a place to go home to or a turkey dinner waiting on the stove.                
  2. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen: Volunteering at a soup kitchen is a great idea year round but many celebrities and politicians bring attention to this popular way of giving back during Thanksgiving. Find a local shelter and see if they need any help during the holidays.                        
  3. Do a Turkey Trot: We all go back for that second plate of turkey, why not go for a run earlier to help make room for later. Many cities host a Turkey Trot every year and all proceeds go to charity. This is a great way to give back and stay healthy all at the same time.              
  4. Donate to a non-profit that helps the hungry: Programs like Friends of the World Food Program; Feeding America can be great places to make a donation. This can also be a great way to teach your kids the value of giving back and not just during the Holiday Season. If your kids get an allowance have them put a certain amount toward a charity of their choice, by Thanksgiving next year they will have a hefty sum to donate!    
  5. Send a care package to a Soldier: Many men and women serving our country can’t be home to share Thanksgiving with their families so why not send Thanksgiving to them. Treats For Troops is a great program that will help get those packages to soldiers serving us all across the world. Phone cards not just food can be great gifts to those over seas, Cell Phones for Soldiers helps them connect with those they love and feel a little more at home during the Holidays.                                                                                                  
  6. Deliver Dinners to those who are housebound: Meals on Wheels is a wonderful program that will help connect you with those who are shut in to their homes and in need of a warm meal this Thanksgiving.          
  7. Host a Friendsgiving: If you’re in college than you know many students can’t always make it home for the Holidays. Whether they are exchange students with nowhere to go or you just can’t afford the trip for such a short visit, many students are stranded on campus alone. So if you can’t take someone home with you this Thanksgiving then why not host your own little Frindsgiving for those who can’t make it home themselves.        
  8. Donate a Thanksgiving Baskets: Many organizations collect turkeys and food baskets to deliver to families in need or to help feed the homeless. Make a basket and donate it to a local food drive or charity event in your area.  
  9. Visit the Sick: Many elderly in nursing homes or those who are stuck in the hospital for Thanksgiving might not have any family close by to share in the festivities of the Holidays. This can be a very lonely time and just someone stopping in to say hello and visit with for even a short time can really lift someones spirits. Stop by a nursing home or hospital in your area and bring a smile to someones face.                             

No matter how you choose to Give Back this Thanksgiving know that your contribution is greatly appreciated. Even if you might not be able to see the immediate effects know that you are making a difference in someones world.


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