Let Me Introduce Myself….


Hello fellow Bloggers, Travelers, Foodies and those of you just dropping by for a quick read. Welcome to Cloves + Ginger, a life style blog, filled with great recipes, fun idea’s, a few nifty tips and lot’s and lot’s of awesome pictures.

So for those of you who don’t already know me, which let’s be realistic…is probably all of you, my name is Kathryn Hall and I am Cloves + Ginger.

katie hall

I’m relatively new to the blogosphere but I have always loved to write, at least my bookcase dedicated entirely to my MANY journals might indicate that I have a slight problem. I am an avid eater! Ha, imagine that! Yes, I have a passion for food, which has led to my love of cooking. Along my food journey I have discovered some really great recipes, some of which I can successfully execute and others which…well let’s just say they should be left to the professionals. The only thing I find more enjoyable than eating is eating in new places. There is seriously nothing in my mind more enjoyable than traveling the world, exploring new places, having exciting adventures and all the while discovering and trying new types of food and recipes. In a word HEAVEN.

pinterestWhen I’m not TRAVELING or EATING I am on Pinterest…..don’t judge me, you all know you are doing the same thing. But honestly, Pinterest might be the best thing since sliced bread.  I find all kinds of great recipes, diy projects (which I occasionally succeed at) and a few organizational tips which I am desperately trying to apply to my life. I’ll admit it, I spend way too much time pinning, but hey who doesn’t. No judgement here.

So with all that said, Cloves + Ginger is basically just a way for me to combine my passion for travel, food and the occasional DIY attempt and share these experiences with all of you. So sit back and let me take you on a few of my journeys. Who knows you might see something you like! ENJOY!!!

Travel. Food. DIY Projects….these are just a few of my favorites.


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